Duck Med

Duck Med

Pretty much for the last month, I’d say 99% of my discussions with the Missus have been duck related.

Most of the conversations begin with her walking into the living room and saying, “They are just so INTERESTING”.

At which point I might as well turn off the TV or close my book because, for up to an hour, the Missus will explain how each duck walks and talks and eats and swims and quacks.

And how this particular duck has a dirty face and that duck has a funny walk.

As you might guess, watching the Missus explain all this is far more entertaining than watching Richard Attenborough doing one of his nature shows.

Because he only talks about stuff.

The Singaporean Missus acts out her duck stories, complete with “zooooooming” (duck chases), “peck-peck-pecking” (self-explanatory), and “splashy-splashy-quacking” (see photo above).

In our initial DUCKDATE, we explained a lot about the Missus and her ducks.

But since then, the Missus has turned our backyard into Duck Med, complete with sunken pool, wading pool, floating pool, and three, count them, three separate restaurants, each featuring its own cuisine.

The Missus has also personally turned into Xena Duck Warrior Princess, scaring the absolute crap out of the neighbor cats with her stick if they get too close.

Duck Days

Most days have been quackily uneventful for the Missus and her feathered friends, but yesterday was filled with trauma and near-tragedy.

Dancy Duck was wildly racing up and down our back fence, the Missus told me, as she wildly raced up and down our living room looking out all the windows.

It seems that Dancy had hopped into our back jungle but her two tiny babies were trapped in the neighbor’s yard.

Ducks, not being rocket scientists, could not figure out how to resolve this matter.

Being a man, I advised the Missus that Mother Nature would sort this out, so not to worry.

Did she listen? Are you new here?

She literally tore a hole in the corrugated tin part of the fence behind the shed and waited for about an hour to ensure that Momma and babies were safe and sound.

And this wee video shows the the result.

Even an old blog had to smile.

Duck Med has become very, very family friendly. And boy, the word is getting around.

baby ducks in the water


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