Disclosure (Ahem)


This blog, HogsAteMySister, is “my one”, as they say in ‘Nu Zillan’.

We long ago nuked the advertising and affiliate stuff. At least we think we did.

However, we happily accept donations through the “Shout Me a Beer” button.

And yes, we think using the word “shout” for “buy” is stupid. But Downunder, the water goes down the gurgler backwards, you turn the light switch down to get it to go on, and they drive on the wrong side of the road. So what did you expect?

If any ads do sneak onto HogsAteMySister, it in no way suggests that we endorse the products. Unless they relate to Michelle Pfeiffer, in which case, whoa.

If any curmudeonly opinions slip into this blog, they are ours and ours alone. Unless they are legally actionable, in which case we have no idea how they got there.

Cheers. And thanks for shouting me that beer. And for the bales of money.

You did send one, right?