Disclosure (Ahem)


This blog, HogsAteMySister, is “my one”, as they say in Nu Zillan.

Sadly, this blog has not accepted cash for advertising (huge bales of cash are welcome). We seem to recall that we are members of some affiliate programs, but details are not our strong suit.

We would love to have paid sponsorships, donations or “other forms of compensation”.

HOGS is an Amazon Associate. We will make monies if you click and buy books advertised on our blog. We are not holding our breath.

We happily accept donations through the “Shout Me a Beer” button. And yes, we think using the word “shout” for “buy” is stupid. But Downunder, the water goes down the gurgler backwards, you turn the light switch down to get it to go on, and they drive on the wrong side of the road. So what did you expect?

We are a member, or technically, a “cuzzy-bro”, of Google Adsense, Chitika, and possibly Dove Chocolates, the latter through our niece who has more energy than a herd of Zumba instructors. Some or all of these affiliate relationships will, one day soon, make Google our bitch.

Any compensation paid to this blog will NEVER influence content, topics or posts. Unless it does. Hello, this is a humor blog, notwithstanding the occasional dark piece.

Advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements. Or possibly unicorns. We have yet to decide which.

The appearance of advertisements on HogsAteMySister in no way suggests that we endorse the products. Unless they relate to Michelle Pfeiffer, in which case, whoa.

We write no reviews, do no giveaways — except when strumpetting for Kris @PrettyAllTrue — and we run no contests, unless they involve Michelle or, in a very weak moment, Oprah. (Attention to the 10 billion savage L.A. attorneys representing “Oprah” and her $38,000 alligator handbag: the previous mention of “Oprah” was humorous, a fiction, in no way true. So don’t rip the flesh from our bones.)

If any opinions or beliefs slip into this blog — we are short, now officially in our 60’s, Catholic and, after three decades in newspapers and P.R. — they are ours and ours alone. Unless they are legally actionable, in which case we have no idea how they got there.

Cheers. And thanks for shouting me that beer. And for the bales of money. You did send one, right?