Decking the Halls…

aa baby Jesus

Waiting for the baby Jesus…


The Baby Jesus won’t make his appearance for another four days in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, we have done all the decking of halls that can be done.

Unless we get way more halls.

This “paparazzi blog” features Christmas stuff around the house, not actual peoples, who will come later. Boy, will they come.

Let the tour begin

The best Christmas treasures are the ones that Junior made when he was really little.

Like these, which are worth more than gold to me.


aa santa early

aa egg carton


aa Eli puppet angel


And this gift (below) to his “Mum”, which he slaved over for hours and hours, with the precision of a Mercedes Benz Engineer.


aa Eli's pyramid


And this PhotoShopped Moosedeer (below), which Junior made two years ago, when I was sad, because Christmas without the 100-pound, antler-wearing, sausage-snorking, picture-of-happiness German Shepherd/Huntaway (a.k.a. Moosedawg) was just missing something.

So now Buddy photobombs our Christmas pics, which makes me smile. (The Missus not so much).


aa moosedawg


So much of our Christmas stuff was accumulated over years and years. Only the Lord knows from where.

Things like wreaths:


aa front door wreathaa wreath cushiony


And toy soldiers…


aa soldier




aa soldiers sitting









And happy Santas.


aa neck tie

nice santa



And a creepy Santa nutcracker.


aa creepy santa nut cracker



And Christmas animals (plus a token Superhero)…

aa reindeer


aa red horse
aa napkin holder spiderman



aa ling snoopy


And other wonderful Christmas sussies…


aa bird with sequinsaa wood fruits in basketaa poinsettia


aa candle


aa tree and pressies


aa front room


And Christmas goodies that are now being cooked, that smell SO GOOD, but which husbands MUST NOT eat just yet. (Slap. Ouch.)


aa oven


And a soundtrack that will never, ever grow old.


aa Christmas music


And the all-time Christmas movie that’s about to be watched.

aa white christmas


But first, there’s last-minute shopping to be done, so HogsAteMySister will sign off for now and wish you a very…


aa Merry Christmas banner


Christmas Bonus — last year’s Christmas blog on ALMOST not buying a Christmas tree.

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