Crowdfunding for De-Stoopsifying OU

Dear OU Alums,

It’s time to Crowdfund so we can ensure that the Stoops Brothers and umpteen assistants quickly exit Oklahoma University.

This blog personally pledges $900 to purchase the “Big Game Bob and His Brother” Catapult from

We don’t much care in which direction it’s aimed.

We just want it cranked to maximum chunkage so the Brothers Stoops & Co. clear the state line in the air.

Actually, a southern trajectory that ends smack dab in the Red River would be fine with us.

It has sharks, right?



In addition, we suggest that Boomer and Sooner pull the Stoops Memorial Catapult around Owen Stadium instead of the Sooner Schooner for a couple of years.

Just to remind the next coach what will happen if he brings the Big Red into national disrepute.

We think it would be a nice touch if Barry Switzer, Lucious Selmon and Joe Washington personally cranked the catapult down and prepared it for launch.

If the OU Board of Regents smarten up, they will turn the Stoops-a-Pult into a huge money spinner.

We bet embarrassed Sooner alums will be happy to contribute $100 per ticket for the chance to pull the trigger.

Maybe more.

Boomer Sooner.



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