Crack Puppy Arrested!

Ling Ling III, the cutest Crack Puppy in the universe, has been busted.

Reports indicate she ate and rolled in poop.



Even though it is winter in New Zealand, the offender was punitively bathed by the Missus.

And had her teeth brushed by the Missus.

With a pink doggy electric tooth-brusher.

And then the Crack Puppy was very, very sad.


Then she raced around the house like an insane rabbit.

For which she was given doggie treats.

Because, duh?

It is amazing what you can get away with when you are cute.

I mean, who is cuter, the Crack Puppy, or Will and Kate’s royal baby boy, “Prince Possum”?


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  1. Lillian L. says:

    This sure puts things in perspective.

    Little Bit and Katy have been eating tons of grasshoppers and locusts, which I find revolting. But, now…not so much.

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