Cowboys ‘Landry Shift’ Gives Me Goosebumps

I honestly got goosebumps on Sunday thanks to the Dallas Cowboys.

It was like I was transported back in time.

There in front of me, those huge Cowboys’ offensive linemen heard their quarterback yell out “Shift”, and they did it.


Just like back in Tom Landry’s glory days.

It was absolutely the coolest thing I have seen in years and, of course, it brought back so many memories, like …

About 46 years ago, I was a Cleveland Cougar, and I proudly wore No. 30 for a reason.  When our QB handed me the ball, I instantly became Cowboys halfback Dan Reeves, crashing through the defensive line.  I played way bigger than I was, which is why one kid called me a “one-armed tank”.

I loved the Cowboys. But before they started going to Super Bowls regularly in the Seventies, they had to survive December 1967, which almost killed them, and me.  No Cowboys fan of a certain age can ever forget the Ice Bowl.

It was the NFL Championship game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The wind chill was 48 degrees below zero.  By the 4th Quarter, the field and the players had frozen solid.  It was Third and Goal at the Cowboys’ 2-foot line, with 16 seconds left.  Packers All Pro guard Jerry Kramer got just enough traction to move future All Pro Jethro Pugh just barely enough for Bart Star to sneak over for the winning touchdown, and to kill something deep inside me.

Why do I remember these vivid details, as if they were burned into my memory yesterday with a branding iron?  It’s because my childhood best friend, Steve Madden, was an obnoxious Packer fan.  And he never let me forget the Ice Bowl.  Never.  Ever.

I hated him for that.  I hated him bad.

Despite this, Steve and I were inseparable, and somewhat  legendary ourselves.  In sixth grade, our Cleveland Cougars went undefeated and won the Norman City Championship.  As I mentioned above, I wore No. 30.  I do not recall if Steve wore Jerry Kramer’s No. 64, just to spite me, but it sounds like something he would do.  I hated that guy.

But what goes around, comes around, eh, fat man?

When Vince Lombardi retired after winning Super Bowl II, my Cowboys started to dominate Steve’s stupid Packers.  In fact, the Cowboys made it to five, count them, five Super Bowls from ’71-’79 and became America’s Team.

Which just ate Steve up.

His “Cowboys-loathing” just got worse and worse.  If we happened to be watching a Cowboys game at his house, he had to loudly comment about 9,000 times how stupid the Cowboys’ “Shift” move was. He called it “showboating”.  It made him crazy, as did Tom Landry’s hat.

This is because, by then, Steve and his Packers had become losers.


I have put that in CAPITALS so that when Steve’s sweet girlfriend, Cindy, shows this blog to him, he might be able to read it, just barely.  This is because he is very old and feeble now, like all Packers.

Not like my Cowboys who, in case you missed it above, are studly, young and Shifting, as below.


And, because Steve will hate it so very, very much, here it is again.

This is what friends are for.

Heh. Heh. Heh.


* In all seriousness, prayers for Bart Starr and his family.




5 Responses to “Cowboys ‘Landry Shift’ Gives Me Goosebumps”

  1. Cindy Schrimpf says:

    It has been seen. He does in fact hate this and love it. But loathes our Cowboys even more now…

  2. Cindy Schrimpf says:

    He is no longer a Packers fan but a devout Raiders fan… To quote Steve Madden “peee-aaaaa-thetic”. However still loathes my glorious Cowboys!

  3. Cindy Schrimpf says:

    Bahahahaha………. OMG. You are so right he is absolutely going to hate this!!!! Love you , Man! lolololololol

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