Christmas is in the air, dead squirrels in the drive-thru

Ah, you know it’s the Christmas season when there’s a nip in the air, heavy snow in the Northeast, and squirrels are being thrown into the Hardee’s drive-thru window.

To quote Bartonville police:”Hardee’s worker Deborah Roberts, who waited on Thompson, said that after Thompson placed his order, “he asked for extra nuts for his squirrel as he pet it.” After telling Thompson that she did not believe the animal was real, Roberts turned away from the window. That’s when the motorist said, “Yes, it is,” and “threw the dead squirrel into the restaurant.”

Which raises three questions:

1). Were Christopher Thompson, 26, and the extra nutty squirrel issued a village ordinance citation for disorderly conduct. Yes.

2) Do police believe the incident is related to so-called “fire in the hole” acts where drivers record themselves throwing drinks back through drive-through windows and post the videos online.

3) Are police worried about crimes of retaliation? Click here, here and here.

In a separate but related incident, Bartonville police urged shoppers to remain alert following reports of a Christmas flasher in the downtown area.

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4 Responses to “Christmas is in the air, dead squirrels in the drive-thru”

  1. malm says:

    Obviously, I was too lazy (or not interested enough) to click on the attachment. However, where the hell is Bartonville, and do you remember how gawd-awful Hardees is? I’m thinking this was likely not the first expired rodent in that kitchen. Thanks for this opportunity to butcher the English language. Merry Christmas!

  2. kris says:

    The extra nutty squirrel?

    That is highly inappropriate, sir. Steps must be taken. Those nuts must be stored.

    And if you had any doubt as to this product’s reality?

    They also sell little pink panties. Which my daughter and I saw at the mall today for $7.00.

    I swear to you.

    Who knew I would so quickly find a squirrel in need?

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