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Combat P.R. — At the Bleeding Edge in Houston

Public Relations is not all champagne and cleavage, my friend. It can get bloody. Even life-threatening. And I’m not talking about hand-to-hand combat with a savage pack of feral journalists. That’s sissy stuff. I’m talking about taking on Mother Nature … mano y mano … even if she is a girl.


A Helpful Q&A for College Grads Seeking a Job in P.R.

The on-line advice I’ve seen recently being offered to grads trying to get a job in PR is sadly lacking. So I thought I’d boil down the wisdom I have acquired over the last 30 years into a brief but highly instructive Q & A. Q: Should I say I want to go into PR […]


Bloggess 999,999 — Douchecanoe PR 0

Everybody hates P.R. C’mon, admit it. P.R. people are smarmy and glazed and pressed and vacuum sealed and wear stilletos when they shower (at least the men). And I have first-hand experience after decades in the business trade craft red light district. Worse, I turned on the red light after working for newspapers in Texas, […]