A marathon waste of time

At a time when the average American weighs approximately the same as a small pony, how can the pox of jogging still infect America?

In two weeks, 25,000 runners of all ages will run the Boston Marathon. They will cumulatively have the same body fat as one chicken enchilada with sour cream.

To enter Boston, here are the cut-off times:

– Men 18-34, 3:10:00
– Men 50-54, 3:35:00
– Men 80plus 5:00:00

What a crazy waste.

There are FAR MORE PRODUCTIVE ways for a man aged 18-34 to use three hours of his life. For example, he could:

– Shear 95 sheep

– Drive from Oklahoma City to Wichita, Kansas (I’m sure SOMEONE would want to???)

– Watch the epic three hour “Inside Gilligan’s Island: A Three Hour Tour of the Making of a Television Classic”

Now THAT’s time will spent.


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