10 (Bad) Reasons Wendi Deng is tougher than Chuck Norris

1. Chuck Norris killed men. Wendi’s been sleeping with a dead man for years.

2. When News of the World hacked Chuck Norris’ phone, they used Wendi’s Deng.

3. Chuck Norris would never hit a man carrying a cream pie.

4. Chuck Norris goes commando. Wendi wears an underbarbwire bra.

5. Wendi grew up tough in Xuzhou China. Chuck Norris grew up Ryan, Oklahoma, afraid of the letter “X”.

6. If you ‘Chuck’ in Texas, it’s not as bad as letting a Wendi in China.

7. X-men producers wanted Wendi to play Wolverine’s girlfriend, but she kept making Hugh Jackman cry.

8. Chuck Norris may be tough as a rattlesnake. But Wendi Deng is a crouching tiger.

9. Wendi Deng’s name can be re-arranged to spell “Wedged In”; Chuck’s to spell “Chink Curs Or”. The racist.

10. In 100 years, Chuck Norris will be dirt. Wendi Deng’s husband is already older than dirt.

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