The Only Book You Will Ever Need. Honest.

The Only Book You Will Ever Need. Honest.

Available on Amazon. In Kindle and paperback! Now if I could only remember how to link to it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I introduce Eli Moore’s Debut Music Video

Pop the champagne!

Number 1 Son, Eli, just today dropped his first music video!

The video is for the song “The Thought”, from his latest lofi EP “Home Skillet”.

Enjoy, and feel free to share the crap out of it!

His music is available at:

Cheers from New Zealand.


The Greatest Debut Album of All Time (Conservatively Speaking, as Only a Proud Poppa Can)

Long ago and far away I blogged.  Then I stopped. Now I am back, briefly, to plug Junior’s debut album before this blog goes down the digital gurgler.

Master Eli Moore spent the last three years seeing the world (47 countries at last count), improving his killer piano chops, falling in and out of love, experiencing many experiences, and writing amazing songs about it all.

Which brings us to “Ship Life“.

Honestly, I have not had so much fun since the hogs ate my sister.

Eli wrote all the songs, produced the album, and even designed and wrote the extensive liner notes.

Thankfully, he got his looks from his Singaporean momma, plus her mad art skills. From Poppa hog, he got his word chops.  All together, he’s a total creative bad-ass.

If you happen to be in Auckland, New Zealand on July 21, 2017, drop by Parnell’s Juice Bar for the album’s debut bash.  Eli will autograph a copy and I’ll buy you a beer, if you behave, mate.

In the meanwhile, head over to Junior’s website elimooremusic and check out the Q&A.  Pretty interesting, innit?

And just because I like you, click here… and you can watch the video/clips that Junior produced as part of his fundraising effort.

Plus here’s a great review.

And with that said, it’s time to go walk Kasey in the boggy paddocks, to feed the chooks and check on the sheep, cows, pigs and horses.

Oh, did I forget to mention the bit about retiring to a farm in Northland, New Zealand?

Hmmm. Must be the Old Timers.


P.S. Two years later, Junior just finished a gig with the B.B. King Blues Band on the Koningsdam cruise ship. Wuz great.

Junior on key in the BB’s

65 Ways to Know You’re Almost 65

.Age Golf Balls - 65 -

  1. You never pull anything out of your pocket without Panadol falling out
  2. You try to use the same *cup all day so that you don’t have to reach up into the cabinet and feel that hot-10-penny-nail-jabbing-into-your-shoulder-socket feeling
  3. You become the ultimate Christian hypocrite when you start wildly boogeying to the Stones, but then you think about what their lyrics actually say, but you just can’t bring yourself to throw ALL the Stones’ records away
  4. You realize there’s nothing better than watching a 2-year-old joyfully chase pigeons in the park
  5. You find one day that you are wearing a shirt, at work, around important people. that has the kind of wide stripes that went out with the Rat Pack
  6. You had at least one “hippyish” item destroyed by a parent who went completely mental in the seventies
  7. You realize that, right now, your kids or nieces and nephews have jobs that are way more important than yours
  8. You much prefer Facebooking about Shih-Tzus and cats than talking about work
  9. You don’t go a day without praying for someone’s intentions, solicited or not
  10. When you wake up in the morning, it is a miracle if you can get to the bathroom without a cramp or stabbing pain or brain aneurysm
  11. When you were in grade school, you smoked dried grapevines well before you smoked stolen cigarettes
  12. When a Facebook friend mentions watching Johnny Carson reruns. for the next 10 minutes, you are youtubing and laughing at the old Carson clips
  13. You went through a phase where you hit something so often while backing up your car that you quit getting small dings fixed, because, really, what was the point
  14. The most analytical you get these days is when you and your adult child watch the latest Star Wars or Avengers movie, and you spend hours looking for plot holes
  15. Every time you see a Facebook mention of a soldier who has died or a child undergoing chemo, you pray for them; you really pray
  16. You get up from your computer and start walking down the hall, and everything looks blurry, so you wonder if you are having a stroke, but then you realize you’re still wearing your computer glasses
  17. When you want to put on old Norman TBT photo on Facebook, and you realize there aren’t many photos of your family because film was really expensive back then
  18. You remember the story about Narcissus, and you wonder whether this ‘selfie’ thing is evidence of society’s main flaw
  19. You hear an old song by the Stones or Hendrix or Led Zep, so you CRANK IT UP, and then you wonder how you ever made it home alive from **parties
  20. The thought of winning a huge lottery scares you to death, because you have personally seen how love of money truly is the root of all evil, but you buy a ticket anyway
  21. You have recently opened a kitchen drawer, removed a utensil, and scratched an area of your old body that you don’t talk about
  22. When you see young lovers out in public, and your mind wanders, it usually seizes on a memory from a time when you were below the age of consent. and there is still a stirring in your loins
  23. Pretty much every major new invention or government policy that you read about reminds you of George Orwell’s ‘1984’
  24. You still have a phone/fax machine in the garage even though the last fax you received was during the Bush Administration
  25. You see a guy driving down the road in a mint condition 1966 G.T.O. and you immediately want to be his best friend or just steal his car
  26. You need to hear a baby laugh every day, just to get you through the stuff, so you’ve watched this clip of Laughing Quadruplets about a hundred times
  27. You have figured out that vinegar and baking soda will clean or cure pretty much everything, and you wonder why you need all the expensive medicines and crap in your cabinets
  28. Where are Sansabelt pants now that you really need them
  29. Other than your kids being born, your best memories are simple, and almost always involve laughing with old friends
  30. You realize that you are way closer to your death than your birth, and you’re okay with that
  31. Most of the major dental work you had in your 30’s is now falling to bits, but you are not willing to pay to get it all fixed
  32. You realize that a John Wayne cowboy movie and a stiff drink with a really old Norman High School friend will fix any damn thing
  33. There are at least three times that you could have gotten really rich if you’d taken a moderate financial gamble, but you did not, and that really pisses you off
  34. Your new laptop comes with built-in software capable of landing a man on Mars, but you mainly use it to search for stuff that’s lost in your computer
  35. When you go to the mall, you always park in the same area. Always. Because, otherwise, you would never find your car. Never.
  36. The Groucho Marx glasses that you bought for 79 cents were the best single investment you ever made

[ File # csp7439653, License # 1401139 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / Metsafile

37. You have OU jerseys that predate Barry Switzer

38. If you had a dollar for every time someone in your family said, “if I had a dollar for every time…” you’d be rich

39. You are very clear about Saturday Night Live: there’s Belushi, Aykroyd, Murray, Gilda and Lilly, then a lump of ***everybody else

40. The only way you are ever going to lose 10 pounds is if tacos somehow start to metabolize fat and scar tissue

41. Long ago you realized that elected officials in Washington, D.C. were not smarter than you, they were jut less ethical

42. You are pretty sure that if a man, or woman, cannot saddle and ride a horse, they should NOT be President

43. You or your spouse have had at least one operation that cost more than the house you grew up in

Ho-ho and Pokey

44. You know that Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters were really great at ad-libbing, but, truly, nobody was as good as Ho-Ho and Pokey

45. And, speaking of brilliant children’s programming, WKY TV’s Foreman Scotty and Xavier T. Willard were the best rootin-tootin’ cowboys of ****all time

46. You would love to go into the garage, find an old tire tool, and then wrap it around the head of the guy who said “65 is the new 45”

47. You’d then bend it over Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ big, fat head, just because

48. You are a man who has at least one scar from the time:

… as a kid, you did something like push the neighbors normally good-natured dog too far by, hypothetically hitting her with a rope because you were trying to be a cowboy and she simply refused to stampede

… as a teenager, you opened a can of beans with your Dad’s U.S. Military issue can opener just to see if you could do it, which, turns out, you could not do without serious blood loss

… you had a skin thing that you never told the doctor about and it finally sort of turned into a scar

49. You are a woman who has at least one scar from:

… touching the million-degree metal ends of the electric hair curlers of death

… breathing in clouds of Aqua-Net hairspray, which is way deadlier than the DDT the city sprayed to kill mosquitoes

… holding your bra together with a safety pin that ‘sproinged’ into your flesh

50. You want to throw your computer RIGHT INTO THE DUMPSTER when you write something important late at night, and technology and formatting get all bitchy and vaporise it

51. You have come to accept that you will never be able to properly back a trailer or use Excel

52. As a kid, you thought baby chicks that were dyed different colors at Easter were cute, not something to be reported to Greenpeace and the FBI

53. At least once a month, you would give just about anything to have a little more time with your departed Mom

54. You are pretty sure that all kids would benefit from having their mouths washed out with soap, at least once

brownie 55. You spent hours and hours looking through the glass viewfinder of your Dad’s Brownie Instamatic camera, and pretended to take thousands of photos of your pets and siblings (especially if they were in the bathroom)

56. Your wife or husband is right this minute wearing the exact same style of glasses that your aunt/uncle wore in 1966

57. Your chest constricts with fear and you can’t breath properly when you hear the theme from *****Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone

58. Growing up, you frequently watched black-and-white TV shows and at least one sibling had to hold the rabbit ears wrapped with aluminum foil just so

59. You believe that people in their seventies, eighties and nineties must be tough as a boot full of barb wire, because they still get around and you can’t hardly do it at 65

60. You’re no longer embarrassed by those times when you open your mouth and your Mom comes out; in fact, those moments really make you smile.

61. You also realize that when your kids open their mouths, you come out, and it’s even money whether it will be a good thing or a cringe-worthy thing

62. At least once a day, you are so disgusted by politics and the world in general that you just want to spit

63. You long ago gave on that dream that seemed to important when you were young but now seems like such a waste of time

64. You would rather walk around the house/yard/mall 20 times than admit to your loved one that you cannot find something you may or may not have lost, but which you cannot exactly remember what exactly it is

65. You thank God for getting you this far, but you cannot in all honesty imagine what it would be like to live as long as your grandparents did. What were they made of, steel?



*Yes, you’ve been known to drink wine out of a coffee cup

** Don’t ask, don’t tell

*** OK, Wayne and Garth are close

**** Sorry Duke

***** Auughhhh!!!

Marvelous Meadowlark


“My leg, my leg!”

Poor Meadowlark Lemon would hold his leg and wail in agony.

So loud that everybody in the huge basketball arena could hear him.

And, somehow, as his teammates helped him limp around the court, in comedic agony, the magic would happen.

The Globies would introduce the basketball that would not bounce.

Or the lopsided ball that would roll down the court like a drunk.

Or the water bucket filled with confetti that Meadowlark would use to douse a fan.

There was nobody like the Harlem Globetrotters or Meadowlark, the “Clown Prince” of basketball.

Listening to Sweet Georgia Brown still makes me smile.

Meadowlark played in more than 16,000 games for the Globetrotters and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2003.

And I got to see him play in the mid-sixties, thanks to my best friend Steve Madden.

His Dad, Sam, took us all the way to Oklahoma City to see the Globies, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. We never forgot Meadowlark.

He’s the reason Steve and I spent every Saturday morning of the world in Building 92 on the South Base, shooting thousands of half-court hook shots (and the occasional kick), trying to be like Meadowlark.

When I grew up, I discovered there was only one degree of separation between me and Meadowlark.

Back in 1979 or so, I was a student journalist at the University of Texas at Arlington. My first assignment for the student newspaper was to interview the great Wilt Chamberlain.

Wilt played with Meadowlark in the 50’s and 60’s.

He said, “Meadowlark was the most sensational, awesome, incredible basketball player I’ve ever seen. People would say it would be Dr. J or even Michael Jordan. For me, it would be Meadowlark Lemon.”

For me, too. He was the best.


An Attitude of Gratitude at Christmas


We are sitting here wearing our NHS 30th Anniversary t-shirt and our once-were-nice-until-we-got-yard-chemicals-on-them camo shorts, while drinking a $9 bottle of Heineken.

This means that: we have totally down-tooled for Christmas; we are as per always waiting for the Missus at the mall; and we’re getting gouged by this flashy new restaurant.

We have two hours up our sleeve while the Missus gets “just-a-few-things”, so we shall spend it writing this blog on GRATITUDE, because this is not something that comes naturally to Hogs but is a good think to think about. Here goes:

We are grateful for:

  • Junior kicking ass and taking names this year musically, including his five-month, world-cruise gig on Crystal Serenity, writing some bodaciously awesome new tunes, gigging with some pretty awesome Kiwi muzos, and even scoping out the studio he wants to record in;

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Get Mad at that Damn Deck!

Westbrook angry

I just realized that I paint the front deck like Russell Westbrook goes to the rim.

Russ hates that damn rim.

And I hate that damn deck.

Russ and I have the very same DNA of RAGE.

And when we tap into it, Missy, you best get out of the way.

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