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Augusta National– exactly like Norman’s Westwood… Well, sort of.

Sunday at the Masters: the roar, the incredible shot-making and the heart-stopping finish. It was EXACTLY like an EPIC round of golf played, circa 1974, at Norman’s Westwood municipal golf course. Honoring the policy of this blog, we will not name the high school players involved. Especially Todd, Gator, Steve and myself. Nor will we […]


Top 10 Picks for New American Idol Judge

Ellen has danced off the Idol stage, and JLo’s booty has entered. But who’s to replace Simon Cowell? Hollywood bookies say the top 10 contenders are: 1) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As imminently likable as Cowell, and certain to boost voting when he calls Muslim tweenies to text jihad. 2) Geraldo Rivera. His ego dwarfs […]


Oksana Leads Slimeball of the Year Race

We may have a photo-finish for Slimeball of the Year 2010, and what an amazing group of professional and amateur slimeballs have made it to the finals led by: 1) Oksana Grigorieva, 39, who has bedded, babied, and bushwhacked AlcoMel Gibson, all part of a strategical Soviet plan to send melmillions her way. 2) Aimee […]