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Top 10 Picks for New American Idol Judge

Ellen has danced off the Idol stage, and JLo’s booty has entered. But who’s to replace Simon Cowell? Hollywood bookies say the top 10 contenders are: 1) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As imminently likable as Cowell, and certain to boost voting when he calls Muslim tweenies to text jihad. 2) Geraldo Rivera. His ego dwarfs […]


Shocking photo of Oksana Testifying Against Mel

Photo: Oksana, without makeup, gives secret testimony This exclusive surveillance photo, at left, was secretly snapped earlier today in court when Oksana Grigorieva provided shocking testimony against former lover, Mel Gibson. Her explosively, and pungent, evidence had previously been leaked – in high definition video and surround sound – to CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, […]


Harry, enough already with the butt scopes

CBS’ Harry Smith was all smiles (great drugs?) as his live colonoscopy was beamed to millions of viewers. Somehow Harry was on his back, and the scope was stuck through the sheet at a strategic location. No idea about the geometry involved. If having a probe shoved up his tailpipe wasn’t enough fun, he also […]