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Scattershooting About Mason Jars, Eyebrow Threading and Chinese Weddings

Scattershooting while wondering about iced tea, Chinese weddings and why women pay strangers to rip hairs from various lady parts. I do not recall any guy ever asking for them to do it. Perhaps this pay-for-hair-ripping thing is related to the requirement that lady lawyers painfully clomp around downtown carrying fat briefcases while balancing on […]


Chinese flock to New Zealand for auspicious 10/10/10 weddings amidst the sheep, hobbits and killer whales

An *Asian invasion is underway, with Chinese flooding into New Zealand to get hitched on October 10, 2010. 10/10/10 is a seriously auspicious day, according to a honeymoon tour organiser. “When used in a Chinese idiom, ‘shi quan shi mei’, 10 means perfection and flawlessness. Chinese believe getting married on the date means it will […]