Post Irene Panic Vacuum

A post-Irene panic vacuum has plagued America in the minutes following the demise of the latest killer horror hurricane from hell.

“There is a huge post-Irene Panic Vacuum. It’s ominously huge and threatening,” according to the Administration’s Joe Putz (nephew of VP Joe Biden).

“We were certain that Irene would destroy the earth and possibly the entire universe, but that didn’t happen.”

Now, Mainstream Media, Homeland Security and the scientific community are terribly anxious about what to fixate over next.

“There is a colossal Panic Vacuum. Potentially epic.”

Those who predicted a double dip of shock horror terror involving Muammar Gaddafi have been gravely let down.

“Mo didn’t even rate a dead cat bounce.”

“North Korea, Iran and Glenn Beck have let us down, too. They just don’t have the gravitas to cause widespread panic and to rate, especially against the MTV Video Music Awards.”

There is definitely a Panic Vacuum plaguing post-Irene America.

“Until something horrific with really good video pops up, our nation will be on tenterhooks. We just won’t know what to be terrified about.”

There is growing concern that Angst could fill the nation’s Panic Vacuum.

“And that could be devastating.”


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