‘Boomer Sooner!’ Totally stupid unless you bleed red

Boomer Sooner!

Yep, it sounds totally stupid, unless you are an Oklahoma University football fan and bleed red.

And the fight song? The one that says “Boomer Sooner” about eleventy gillion times? Totally stupid. Unless you are, and I quote, “Sooner born and Sooner bred and when I die I’ll be Sooner dead.” In which case, it rocks.

And as I type this and sing it in my head, punctuated by KA-BOOMS fired by the OU Ruf/Neks, I am flooded with memories. How many Friday nights and Saturday afternoons did I spend at Owen’s Stadium? About a million.

Memories? Geez. There are so many. In no particular order:

— Cheering on my older cousin as he kicked butt as a Norman Tiger running back

— Watching my older sister and a million hot pep-club girls hold hands and totally ring the field

— Running onto the magical Astroturf for the first time, wearing my white Puma cleats, and making a few plays when I was a Tiger

— Joining my Mom and Aunties and cousins to make billions of hot dogs underneath the stadium, earning Christmas money and learning to loathe the smell of hot dogs (gag) and brown mustard (barf)

— Manning a popcorn stand, under the stadium on the dirt floor, in December. And having to scavenge old cardboard to stand on so my sisters and I did not lose our feet to frostbite

— Being a hot dog vendor topside, to earn money and, more importantly, to watch every OU home game for free

— Crying with my teammates after we lost our last high school game, missing the damn playoffs and realizing that, for most of us, our football careers were over

— Winning national championship my first two years as a student at OU. Coincidental? Just sayin’… Well, maybe the Selmon Brothers had something to do with it

— But the coolest memory of all? When I played at Norman High, getting to use the Sooners’ locker room. Standing in front of Joe Washington’s locker. In awe. Breaking all the rules and actually touching the magic silver shoes that could make Little Joe fly. (The thought still takes my breath away.)

As I finalize this blog post, OU, the ONLY Big Red, is playing Nebraska, a team I grew up hating, fearing and respecting, especially in ’71 (the black-shirted bastards). The 4th quarter just ended in this, the last conference meeting ever between the Sooners and Huskers.

OU 23 – Nebraska 20.

Only one thing to say about that, even from New Zealand.

Boomer Sooner!

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5 Responses to “‘Boomer Sooner!’ Totally stupid unless you bleed red”

  1. kris says:

    Bill –

    You know I love when you tell stories from your past.

    This is no exception.

    I have never been particularly tied emotionally to any football team except for one year. I was 15 and in the pep band and the marching band at Whitehall High School. A long time ago.

    We played and marched at every home game. So dorky, I know.

    The bitter cold? The smell of hotdogs and popcorn? The sense of connectedness to a sports team? To the athletes?

    That’s the only time I ever felt that way.


    A long time ago.

    And I love your stories of the past.


  2. J-P says:

    My favorite so far – Boomer Sooner!!!

  3. malm says:

    Nice job Bill……….

    God I love Owen Field!!!

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